Ever wish the websites you looked at were a little more 'hood? Well, Gizoogle.com is here to help them be just that! And the results are some of the funniest things I have ever read in my entire life. See what I mean after the jump!

Some friends on Twitter introduced me to the wonders of Gizoogle earlier today, and I decided to Gizoogle MyChannel957.com. The results were amazing (and can be a little vulgar, so just keep that in mind).


Some of my favorite lines include:

Okay, so not tha real Garfield yo, but his name is GarfieldS, n' he be straight pretty phat.


From tha bitz n' pieces dat is up in tha traila it looks like hustlas will peep vizzlez from her childhood, partz of her thuglife up in Destinyz Lil Pimp all tha way ta her marriage wit Jay-Z n' tha pregnancy n' birth of her baby.

I'm wondering if Snoop's peeps got wind of this, because as of the writing of this blog, if you just try to type in Gizoogle.com, you get redirected. So follow this link if you want to Gizoogle yo' site!

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