This past winter Boston had a record snowfall. Most places across the country are well into their hot summers, especially since it is July. However, Boston still has snow left over from their harsh winter.

“We watched it pile up and have been watching it slowly get smaller and smaller,” said Breanna Brown, 21, an intern at a nearby law firm, as she passed the mound the other day on her way home from work. “It’s almost gone — thank God.”

In Seaport, there is a 12 foot mound that has lasted until now. A collection of trash has helped the mound stay insulated and keep from melting. The mayor started a contest on Twitter to get predictions from citizens of Boston for when the pile will disappear. Some optimists hoped for July 4th, but others that are being more realistic are guessing the beginning of August or some time in October. If this lasts into October, it might as well stay until winter hits again.

Check out the photo of the mound at the link below: