With the announcement last week that grocery stores are allowed to accept bottle returns starting June 15th, many people are chomping at the bit to return their cans and bottles.

Well, if you live near a Meijer that has their bottle return housed in its own room away from the grocery area, you might be able to return your bottles right now.  After seeing a post on the Michigan subreddit about how bottle returns are open in some Meijer locations, we reached out to Meijer on Facebook and confirmed the rumor.

Meijer responded to our question about whether or not bottle return centers were open in West Michigan by saying:

"some locations have opened and some are set to open on June 15th. There will is a $25.00 (total 250 cans/bottles) limit per customer per day. Please send a private message with the store location you frequent so we can further assist you."

So, if you have a lot of bottles that need returning, gather up $25 worth (that's the limit per day) and call around to see which Meijer near you has their bottle return center open.

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