Sharp-eared viewers of the ABC sitcom, The Conners may have caught the southwest Michigan city of South Haven earn a mention on the show. It was brief, so it's no shame if you missed it.

The Conners, if you aren't familiar with the show, is the rebrand of the Roseanne reboot. It earned a new name after title star Roseanne Barr was removed from the show and her character was killed off.

The South Haven name drop occurred early in the episode that debuted on Wednesday, March 3, 2021. The mention set up...(um, I guess spoilers ahead, if you really feel 'The Conners' can't be spoiled for you)...Harris's boyfriend begins to ghost her. He tells her that he and his family were on vacation in South Haven. It's later revealed that he's been at home, not on vacation and was ignoring her rather than face her to break off their relationship.

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Harris, the eldest daughter of Darlene Conner, had begun dating a boy from a much more well-to-do family. As the show is set in the fictional Chicago suburb of Lanford, it wouldn't be surprising to have a wealthy family have a vacation home in South Haven. The Southwest Michigan coast from New Buffalo, through St. Joseph, South Haven, Saugatuck and Holland are awash with Illinois license plates every summer weekly proving the popularity of the beachside resort communities to those looking to escape Chicagoland.

Here's a clip from that episode of the Conners that focuses on the main plot of the episode Darlene's younger child, Mark, begins experiencing stress-induced stomach aches from worry over the Coronavirus.

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