Today Spectrum Health held an online update on Coronavirus case numbers in West Michigan and say that the standout numbers in the current surge are how many young people are becoming infected and that the unvaccinated make up the overwhelming majority of current cases and hospitalizations.

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Dr. Liam Sullivan, an infectious disease specialist with Spectrum Health, and Dr. Rosemary Olivero, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital spoke on the current surge that appears to be fueled by the unvaccinated and the Delta variant of the virus.

Via Spectrum Health

Unfortunately, the experts within the health system expect that virus numbers will continue to climb, but it's still unknown how that could impact hospitalizations in West Michigan. Many states in other parts of the country are seeing surges that are overwhelming hospitals and medical facilities.

Via Spectrum Health

Dr. Sullivan says that seeing more breakthrough cases in the fully vaccinated is to be expected as more Michiganders become vaccinated. He also says that the Delta variant has been a 'game changer' in the evolution of the virus and is increasing the number of breakthrough cases.

That being said, Dr. Sullivan says:

There is no single thing that is going to protect you more from getting Covid-19, than getting vaccinated....if you are uncertain about vaccines, and still nervous about it, I really would encourage you to talk to your personal physician.


See the complete press conference below courtesy of Fox 17.

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