As Michigan continually sets records for the daily new positive cases of COVID-19, our hospital systems are beginning to feel the strain of the pandemic.

In an article by Wood TV 8, Spectrum reported that "its facilities are nearing capacity".  The article was from November 5th when Spectrum was reporting 217 COVID-19 patients at its facilities.  That number has since risen to 242 in just 3 days and is over two times as many people hospitalized from the disease than during the peak of the first wave in May.

The fact that West Michigan's largest healthcare provider is beginning to reach capacity is alarming.  Especially since they are reporting positivity rates of 13.3% over the last 7 days.  With testing at around 4,000 tests per day, that means there are over 500 new cases each day, and that's only the testing being done by Spectrum Health facilities.

Hopefully, these trends don't continue but it seems like many people are really beginning to feel fatigued from social distancing, mask wearing, and other practices being used to mitigate the pandemic.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or are worried about having contracted COVID-19, you can take a virtual screening or find out how to be tested here.

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