If you ever wondered what goes on in small towns, this is it. 

For the past week there has been a battle between Christine Burns, Spring Lake Manager, and Lee Painter, the man behind a satire Facebook page that pokes fun of the town and neighboring cities. It started when Burns and other village members claimed that the page was ruining their relationships with those towns especially because he used the city’s logo. Even police showed up to Painter’s house over it! In response he changed the picture, but it didn’t end there.

Burns expressed how she really felt on her personal Facebook page writing:

If you’re a booger-eating 37 year old and you’re still living in your parents’ basement, perhaps you shouldn’t take on people who are smarter than you…

Residents of Spring Lake then started taking screenshots from posts that Burns had made including using the term "window lickers."

On Monday night a townhall meeting was held and many people expressed that they wanted Burns to step down. Even though she apologized to the city council, Painter told WOOD-TV that he didn't believe she was sincere.

As to what's going to happen next is unknown but popcorn will be a must.

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