A Starbucks tip jar based on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's defamation trial is sparking a debate among social media users.

After spotting it in a Starbucks, TikTok user @valeria__amor shared a video of the tip jar, which was split into boxes: Team Heard or Team Depp.

Depp's box featured hearts surrounding his name with "(Jack Sparrow)," his Pirates of the Caribbean character, written underneath. Meanwhile, Heard's box had a poop emoji doodled on it.

Reactions to the tip jars were mixed. One person in the comments playfully corrected the box: "That’s Captain Jack Sparrow!"

"I was literally waiting for someone to do this lol," another user wrote.

But many commenters opposed the tip jar and noted that the defamation trial should not be used as a meme or "trend."

"So nobody finds this weird that they're using the trial to get tips..? yall different," someone commented, while another user weighed in: "POV: you forget that celebrities are also still real people."

The following day, the TikToker returned to the same Starbucks tip box to discover that Heard's name was removed and replaced with Chris Rock.

The poop emoji drawing on Heard's tip box was likely in reference to Depp's testimony that Heard or one of her friends allegedly left human feces on his side of the bed in his penthouse. Depp alleged that he broke up with Heard the night prior to finding the fecal matter. He also claimed he was physically abused by her after he arrived late to her birthday celebration.

Heard claimed that one of her dogs defecated on the sheet, while Depp claimed the feces did not look anything he normally picks up after the dogs. In response to the allegation, "Amber Turd" briefly trended on Twitter.

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