Born over the weekend, Isabelle is the newest addition to Steve's family!  She is a perfectly healthy baby girl and has been a perfect angel since she was born and barely cries at all.

She was over a pound lighter than her big sister and has a little bit less hair, but she is just as precious and everyone in the family is very excited to watch her grow.  But the two sisters do look very similar, check them out at 3 days old below.

Izzy (left) and Charlotte (right) both at 3 days old

Izzy even has blue eyes just like her sister.

Izzy's blue eyes

Steve wore his favorite Taylor Swift shirt to welcome Izzy into the world.  The picture below is when she was just a few hours old.

Izzy in the hospital with dad a few hours after birth

Little Izzy's hobbies include:

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Pooping on her parent's bed
  • Peeing on her dad's hand
  • Crying during bathes
  • Smiling in her sleep (probably just a poop face though)
Steve is a proud daddy

All in all, it was a weird experience having a baby during a pandemic, but the picture above says it all...  Steve is a very proud daddy of his two little girls.

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