For the entire month of October, Steve will be sharing stories that have to do with everything spooky!  From tales of unsolved murders to stories of the occult to the history of famous folklore, he covers it all.  This week he is sharing a story of the unsolved murder of the Crouch family in Jackson, Michigan and the ghostly apparitions that appear one faithful night every year.

The Crouch family were farmers that lived outside of Jackson, Michigan.  On November 22nd, 1883, 74-year-old Jacob Crouch, his pregnant daughter, Eunice White, her husband, Henry White, and family friend Moses Polley were shot dead in their home.  The murderer or murderers were never caught.

What makes the story even more intriguing are the other deaths surrounding the family after the original murders.

At first the servants were arrested for the crime, but later released because of lack of evidence.  Then, Jacob Crouch’s son Judd and son-in-law Daniel were charged with the murders. Before the trial began, another one of Jacob’s daughters, who was sister and wife to the charged, died of mysterious causes along with the family’s farmhand.

Many assume that the Daniel and Judd were the murderers, but the jury declared them not guilty.  And to add to the terror experienced in Jackson, the prosecutor died just days into the trial and just a few short weeks later, a witness was murdered before the trial completed.

No one ever was successfully charged with the murders, but after the conclusion of the trial bloody shirts were found hidden on the farm where Judd and Daniel lived.

And now to the extra spooky part...

Jacob and his daughter Eunice, were buried in different cemeteries 5 miles apart.  But legend says that on the night of November 21st, a misty white haze appears in front of Eunice’s grave at St. John’s Cemetery and travels 5 miles down the road to Reynold’s Cemetery to visit her father Jacob’s Grave.

Ghost hunters have been trying to spot the apparition of Eunice for years, but only have eye-witness accounts of the ghost of Eunice.

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