Stranger Things has officially been canceled. No, I’m kidding – can you imagine? Given all the hoopla and unanswered questions of the breakout Netflix drama’s second season, the streaming service has of course confirmed that Eleven, Mike, Will, Joyce, Dustin and all the rest will return for Season 3.

Netflix made the news official on Friday, a month after the hotly-anticipated series debuted its second installment, Stranger Things 2. Fortunately for us, that waiting period was significantly shorter than the first time around, as Netflix took months and months to confirm a second season. Here’s the cheeky confirmation, which follows a joke poll asking fans whether Stranger Things 3 should happen:

Season 3 has been in the works for some time, especially as the Duffer brothers have repeatedly spoken to the series lasting four or five seasons. Netflix even reportedly wanted Seasons 3 and 4 to film back-to-back, lest its young stars age too quickly. The second season finale also cut some epilogue scenes that were meant to set up a third season.

In any case, expect Stranger Things 3 to answer questions about the “Mind Flayer” monster last seen looming over the Upside Down, as well as the return of Season 2's least-favorite character. Stay tuned for more on the new season as it arrives.

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