It's been five years since I went to college but I remember how lackluster going to classes could be, especially when you had several in a day. I'm guilty of not paying attention at times whether that involved doodling when I should've been taking notes, mindlessly daydreaming, or even taking the occasional naps. Most students are guilty of this but the number one rule when you're not paying attention is to make it look like you are. You can't be obvious about it.

This student totally missed the memo. During a class, sounds of moans and groans start to fill the large lecture hall and a video focuses in on a classmate who has his headphones in, clueless to what's going on. Turns out he didn't plug his headphones all the way in and the whole class found out he was watching a dirty adult movie. FAIL! He was so embarrassed he ended up slamming his laptop shut and running out of the class.

You can see the video for yourself and watch the embarrassment ensue.

I'm still on the fence if this is real or not.

WARNING: graphic sounds

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