If you're trying to watch your weight, you might want to avoid the backyard barbeques this summer. You risk adding an average 3,000 additional calories per meal. If you're dieting this summer, barbeques can be dangerous territory. Half of us will go back for seconds, and a quarter will return to the food table for a third time.

Popular main dish items that people like to munch on; 32% go with the hamburger, which sadly come in with the highest count of 300 calories per patty. 18% of people polled choose sausages, 14% steak and 13 and 12% respectively prefer chicken and pork chops. Just 4% of party goers will make the healthiest choice of fish.

It's not necessarily the meat that's the worst part of cook outs, the sides are killer too. Chips, dips, and potato salads are pretty calorie heavy as well.

Pile on a couple scoops of ice cream and wash it all down with a few cups of lemonade or a coke, and you've got pants bustin' caloric combination.

We won't even mention the adult beverages, (woops) you can probably figure there's not much good that can come from there either.

Really though, isn't it bad manners to refuse a dish that your host so lovingly prepared?