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  • Kristina Evey, Transforming the Customer Experience
  • Sara Binkley-Tow, MomsBloom

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  • Kristina Evey, Transforming the Customer Experience

I'm joined by customer experience specialist Kristina Evey. Kristina and I chat about what got her interested in helping businesses improve their customer experience, what the customer experience encompasses, what businesses are getting wrong and getting right with their customer experience, things that may cause a customer to leave your business, how to correctly handle an unhappy customer, stand out businesses in Grand Rapids that are providing an awesome customer experience, differences in creating great customer experience online and with a brick and mortar business, Nero Linguistic Programming, the types of businesses she works with, and more…….

Kristina Evey
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  • Sara Binkley-Tow, MomsBloom

I'm also joined by Sara Binkley-Tow from MomsBloom. Sara and I chat about the mission of MomsBloom, some of the main areas new moms may need help, common misconceptions new moms may have, symptoms of postpartum and treatment, their March 7 five year anniversary BloomBash at the Richard App Gallery at 910 Cherry, how to become a MomsBloom volunteer, how volunteers and moms are paired, and more……

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I do hope you'll have a chance to tune in! I'm really looking forward to introducing you to folks around West Michigan every week who are helping to positively shape our area with their music, their art, their bold business ideas, and the causes they're passionate about!

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