Charles Pickett, Jr, the man accused of hitting nine bicyclists with his truck, killing five people, is now facing five counts of operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing death.

Charles Pickett Jr. was under the influence of a drug, but Kalamazoo County Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Getting did say which drug nor the legality of the substance. Getting did not indicate "how high" Pickett was when he allegedly struck the nine bicyclists with his truck Tuesday, June 7.

Pickett was already charged with with five counts of second degree murder and four counts of reckless driving causing serious impairment.

The four reckless driving charges have been amended to include the OWI charges.

Pickett's attorney requested and a judge granted a mental competency hearing to determine whether he is able to understand the charges against him.

Pickett is set to return to court on August 31.