This is marketing genius!

Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos, a Las Vegas taco restaurant was the target of a robbery last week and the owners used the footage they captured from the scene and turned it into a hilarious commercial.

The security camera shows three men breaking into the establishment looking for money. However, with (funny and witty) caption added to the video, it's as if the burglars are desperately searching for tacos. They want money tacos so bad they throw a rock through the window and ransack the place. Anything for the love of money tacos.

According to CNN, the general manager of the restaurant thought:

...'We're going to have some expenses from this. I might as well turn this into something that will inspire people to come try our food..."

Kudos for creative thinking. He brilliantly and hilariously mocked the idiot criminals. The end of the video, cuts to delicious looking tacos urging people to come see why the robbers wanted their tacos so badly.

Besides the broken window, luckily nothing of value was taken.

Check out the commercial below.

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