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North Carolina School District Banning Skinny Jeans [Video]
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Skinny jeans and leggings are a norm. Girls (and even some guys) love wearing skinny jeans but a school district in North Carolina is now putting a ban on them.
Fox News says that after some "bigger girls" were getting bullied, the New Hanover Cou…
No nakedness at the grammys
CBS has officially made the Grammys no fun at all. Looks like they're so worried about musicians appearing on the show on Sunday (Feb. 10) angering the FCC that they've sent out a written warning to everyone who will be attending. Things that aren't allowed?: boobs, side boobs, and 'puffy' genitals?…
NFLer Gets Punted Out Of A Mall!
In the 'saggy pants' file ... not all establishments accept the fashion as meeting the proper dress code!
When Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Dez Bryant was asked to pull up his pants, while  shopping at an upscale shopping mall in Dallas, he flew into a rage...