Are You a Left Lane Driver? You’re About to Get Schooled by the Michigan State Police
A lot of people in Michigan are unaware that driving in the left lane is illegal. It's technically only supposed to be used as a "passing lane" and Michigan State Police are about to crack down on left-lane drivers. Beginning March 1st through April, troopers are going to be on the lookout for those straddling the left lane; on all major freeways throughout the state...
Michigan Drivers Rated 4th Best in U.S.
As we head into treacherous driving season, it's encouraging to know that a new study has found Michigan drivers to be pretty darn good. Insurance comparison website, Quote Wizard, rated Michigan drivers the fourth best in the nation. Which state do you think has the worst drivers?
More People Traveling And Cheaper Gas This Holiday Weekend
This weekend is another holiday weekend which means people will be travelling to lake shores, camp grounds and family homes for weekend getaways.  AAA predicts a 1.5% increase in the number of drivers on the road, traveling 50 or more miles from home over the 4th of July weekend, to just over 1...