Meijer Announces They're Eliminating Plus Size Sections
Meijer just announced they are doing away with their plus-size departments in their stores.
Starting early 2017, in all 230 stores, Meijer will integrate plus sizes with the straight sizes in their women’s and misses section.
By putting all sizes together, they…
Clothing Store, Free People, is Coming to Grand Rapids!
Ladies - there goes our wallets.
Women's clothing store, Free People, is getting its first location in West Michigan and it will be in Grand Rapids! According to MLive, the store will open around the holidays aka not soon enough! The store will be at the Breton Village Mall between Lululemon and…
Popular Brands You're (Probably) Mispronouncing
There are a lot of brands that we encounter in our everyday lives but have you noticed that some people pronounce certain brands/words differently?
For example, it seems as if everyone is pronouncing the favorite chocolatey-hazelnut spread, Nutella as either 'New-tell-uh' or 'Nuh-…
Things Men Shouldn't Wear Anymore After 40
Everyone has a different sense of fashion and everyone also goes through different stages of fashion in their lifetime. But do you think that people should stop dressing a certain way or not wear certain clothing items as they get older in age...
New Aerie Ad Campaign Features "Normal" Sized Model [Video]
Aerie has won the hearts of many women after announcing that it would not retouch its models a few years ago, and now Aerie continues to assert its portrayal of "real" women with a new ad campaign. The teaser video shows 19-year-old Barbie Ferreira, a size 12 model and representati…
Top Wardrobe Malfunctions
We've all had them, and yes, they can be very embarrassing. The dreadful wardrobe malfunctions. If we're lucky enough we can catch them and make the adjustment before anyone notices, but chances are, that rarely is the case.
A study done by Wrangler...
Why Men Are Hotter in Fall
Summer is out and Fall is in, and the colder weather is making guys more attractive?
Well not exactly, but there are some trends during this time of year that will make you want them even more!
Here are just some of the reasons men are hotter in the Fall:

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