Ford Motor Company

Ford is Recalling 36K Cars!
Ford Motor Company has issued a recall on over 36,000 of their newer cars due to airbag issues.
Ford was notified by Takata, the company that makes the airbags, that they may not inflate properly. Ford said in their news release:
Ford Will Have Self-Driving Cars By 2021 [Video]
In the next five years, you could be driving a new type of car... or rather it could be driving you.
Ford Motor Company announced Tuesday that by 2021 it will roll out it's first batch of self-driving cars.
CEO of Ford, Mark Fields, said that these cars will be full autonomy, which means there wi…
Ford Recalls 830K Cars Because of Faulty Doors
You may not give too much thought about your door latch on your car but you may want to now because Ford has recalled over 828,000 vehicles in the United States and Mexico because of faulty door latches.
According to Ford's website, these faulty pieces can break which will pr…
Ford Recall
Ford Motor Company announced today that they are recalling 271,000 F-150 trucks due to a possibility of brake fluid leaking.
According to the company's website, the affected trucks are 2013 and 2014 models with a 3.5 GTDI engine. Ford says that the brake fluid could leak into the brake boos…