How Many Hate Groups Are In West Michigan
With the events in Charlottesville with various hate groups, It makes you wonder how prevalent is hate in our country?  We don’t have hate groups around us, do we?  I would have seen their work by now, right? Wrong.  Huffington Post did a story about a report the Southern Poverty Law Center did on hate groups in the United States...
The Top 10 Things To Hate About Winter
We hate to say it, but winter is right around the corner. Whether it's going to be a harsh one or a more manageable one, remains to be seen. No matter how bad the winter could be, there are definitely certain things that we hate about winter.
Cats Hate Justin Bieber?
I thought maybe it was just one video. Only one in the world of someone's cat showing their hatred for Justin Bieber. I saw something about it on msn.com and figured that it was just this specific cat and it had been trained some how. I was wrong.