hold it against me

Enrique Iglesias Exits Britney Spears Tour
Well, so much for that: According to Billboard.com, singer Enrique Iglesias has dropped out of Britney Spears' upcoming North American Tour.
The news comes at an especially awkward time, considering Spears made the announcement that Iglesias would be joining her on tour just a few hours prior, o…
Is Britney Spears Back?
After a long hiatus from the music business, presumably for personal reasons while she got her life in order, is Britney Spears back on top?  Her newest music video debuted yesterday on MTV, and is currently on the number six spot on Google Trends.  Click 'READ MORE' to…
Techno Tuesday: Britney Spears
This week's Techno Tuesday is featuring an artist who is no stranger to the dance beat... Ms. Britney Spears.  It didn't take much time for the internet to be full of remixes of Britney's new song "Hold It Against Me".  I picked a remix done by Dark Intensi…
Britney Spears: Hold It Against Me
Britney Spears' new single, Hold it Against Me officially drops tonight at midnight.  The demo of the song was leaked last week and now the full version has been leaked as well, what do you think?
Click here for more info on the song