Keeps Bugs at Bay With Items That Are All Abuzz
It's that magical time of year where everyone is spending tons of time outside. Unfortunately, "everyone" includes fleas, ticks, mosquitos, flies and all other kinds of pests. Keep the bugs at bay with products that I've sourced especially for you (and your dog).
Man’s Retirement Savings is Eaten by Worms
Have you ever heard someone say they don't trust banks? It's usually amongst the older folks who like to do everything with cash and keep it on them.
A 67-year-old man from China didn't trust his bank to hold on to his life savings so he instead buried the money underground, according …
Reporter Gets Bugged Out, Literally!
We all hate bugs, right? But what do you do when they won't leave you alone?
This reporter had the unfortunate task of doing a story in the middle of a Cicada swarm! Though the bugs were annoying, they did no harm to the reporter.
To re...