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The Channel 95-7 New Music Showdown — Ke$ha vs. Jason Mraz
Listen each weekday at 6:30pm for The Channel 95-7 New Music Showdown. We will pit two up and coming artists or songs against each other and you determine which one we will play each day! The winner moves on to the next day to take on a new artist and song, and you will vote for the winner again.
Online Celebrity Yard Sale Raises Cash For Tornado Victims

I love a yard sale or digging through all the trashed treasures at a flea market, you?
I know it's not for everyone, but what about an online flea market, of sorts, that features a ton of items donated by your favorite celebrity??
A slew of Channel 957 artists like Adele, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, Sw…
Sesame Street Music Videos For Grown Ups [VIDEOS]
It turns out Sesame Street is good for more than just educating children and driving their parents to the edge of crazy by using the theme to Elmo's World like a military torture devise.  Sesame Street has some cool music videos!  Check these out...