Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety

Another Police Officer Caught Being Awesome
I really love finding these stories!  I've recently been pushing the whole Love conquers hate, and this is exactly what I mean.  Doing things that have an impact on others, whether saying hello as you pass someone on the street, holding a door open OR like this Kalamazoo Public Safety…
Kalamazoo Shootings Press Conference Recap
The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety held a press conference at 7AM on Sunday, February 21, to share information about Saturday night's shootings which left six dead.
Here is a recap of what we learned at the press conference.
‘The Good Cop’ Project, Born In West Michigan [Video]
This last year we have seen nothing but garbage reported on the news about police officers. This type of reporting is dangerous, as such reports give a false perception that all police officers are gun happy racists. The Good Cop project tells a different story.