Gift Guide for the Tech-Savvy
Have you been trying to figure out what to give your tech-obsessed friend or family member as a gift this Holiday season? Wonder no more! I have a list of awesome gift ideas for you!
Top 20 Songs Heard by Holiday Shoppers
We can't get away from the Jingle Bell Rock or the feelings of wanting a White Christmas. From simply having a wonderful Christmas Time to Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, we are filled with Christmas music as the 25th of December draws closer...
Black Friday Primer
As the aromas of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie fill our homes, so too do thoughts of lining up in the dark and standing in the cold to get unbeatable deals on holiday gifts fill our minds.
Black Friday will soon be upon us. If this excites you (as opposed to filling you with dread…

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