'It's... Mapley'
The challenge for Curtis for the "Connie & Curtis" "Elf" Contest was to see how much Mrs. Butterworth's maple syrup he could chug in 95.7 seconds on Channel 95.7's "Connie and Curtis."
So, how much could he chug?
Andy Grammer In Concert
Intimate and personal. That's the only way to describe Andy Grammer's for-Channel 95.7-listeners-only concert at The B.O.B. on Wednesday night.
Performing in the ground-floor House of Music and Entertainment (H.O.M.E.), the 30-year-old "Keep Your Head Up" singer-guitarist …
Talking About Ray Rice
Connie & Curtis this morning spoke with Wendy Reed as well as a man who was the abuser in a relationship about the Ray Rice matter on "Connie & Curtis" on Channel 95.7.
The Baltimore Ravens ended Rice's contract and the NFL suspended him indefinitely on Monday a…

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