GR #1 in U.S. for Job Growth
The economy of Grand Rapids, and its metro areas, keeps getting better!
A study done by Headlight Data, a website that collects data on economics and the workforce, found that Grand Rapids had the highest rate of job growth in 2016 compared to any other state in the country...
Woodland Mall Job Fair
If you need some extra cash, especially with the holidays around the corner, your next job opportunity awaits you at the Woodland Mall.
This Saturday, October 8th, the Woodland Mall, in Kentwood, is having a job fair from 12p-6p. According to the mall's event page, they are looking for seas…
People Take Fewer Sick Days If They Can Smoke Pot
Some people may associate smoking marijuana with laziness but a new study has proven otherwise.
According to the website Civilized,
The study, published this month in the journal Health Economics, found that safe, legal access to medical marijuana resulted in a “statistically significa…
Take a Vacation, Get a Raise
If you're one of those people that's all about work and no play it's time to add some relaxation to your life.
New research from Project: Time Off found that Americans are using a lower share of vacation time and the main reason is because of technological advancements in the workplace…
Man Steals City Bus Because He Was "Late for Work"
You know that feeling when you're late for work. You're rushing, you're flustered... you hit every red light on the way... everything that can go wrong, does.
But, realistically, what can you do besides hope for the best and that your boss doesn't notice...
A Guy Skipped Work for 6 Years & Nobody Noticed
If you had the opportunity to skip work (and still get paid) without anyone noticing, would you?
A lot would probably say HELL YES!
69-year-old Joaquin Garcia, of Spain, works a waste treatment plant as a supervisor, which required him to oversee the construction at the facility...

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