Today State officials gathered for the dedication of the new Michigan State Police Grand Rapids post located in Walker. The new post serves as a three-in-one combo housing the Grand Rapids Post, Crime Lab, and District Headquarters. The Total cost for this new facility is $150 million dollars. The 115,000 square foot facility replaces two aging buildings in the area that the MSP had outgrown years before.

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was on hand for the ribbon-cutting and said

Today we are here to acknowledge this important investment that we are making and that we've seen come to fruition. A vision that started as an idea 28 years ago, before some of the men and women who are troops now were even born. So, it is thrilling to see that this progress has been made on a project that's something that's so important that supports our brave law enforcement officers who work so hard every single day on all of our behalfs to keep our communities and our people safe.


MSP Opens New Facility Near Grand Rapids

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