Taylor Swift's BF Conor Kennedy of the famous Kennedy clan might be seeing 'Red' when he hears about a private dinner invite she reportedly extended to a member of One Direction.

The 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer might be coupled up with a political family's offspring, but that doesn't mean she can't be like the rest of us in the free world and crush on a member of One Direction. Given her resources as a famous, beautiful fellow pop star with access to the boys, Swift took it a step further and invited one of them to a private dinner after the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards in the U.K. this past weekend.

So which member was it?

Our money is on Harry Styles. He is one of the few members of 1D who isn't coupled up. Zayn Malik has a girlfriend named Perrie Edwards. Louis Tomlinson is paired up with Eleanor Calder. Liam Payne just broke up with his lady love, so he is either nursing a broken heart or going on dates with Leona Lewis. Niall Horan is likely secretly dating Demi Lovato, since those two doth protest too much. That leaves us with Mr. Styles.

Well, given that Justin Bieber spilled the beans that Swift was crushing on Styles earlier this year, and the fact that, well, he's freakin' adorbs, we're going to guess he is the one who got the special invite from the Swizzle!

SugarScape reports she invited the member for a meal of chips and gravy at the five-star Luton Hoo hotel. However, the invite was for a dinner that never was. It ended up being canceled last minute. Foiled!

A source supposedly told The Sun that "Taylor’s team whisked her off to Luton after the awards. She had a private jet at Luton Airport ready to take her back to the U.S. at 10PM."

The insider also said, "All her staff were told she was having a private dinner with one of the guys from One Direction. It was all canceled abruptly, and nothing more was said."

Guess that bodes well for Mr. Kennedy.

PopCrushers, which 1D hottie do you think Swifty invited out for a bite to eat? Do you agree with us that it was handsome Harry Styles?

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