You know me, I'm a sucker for the stories that highlight #PeopleDoingGood, especially since I hear so often people make references to being afraid of the quality of our future.  I'll tell you, #PeopleDoingGood stories constantly help me realize that man I worry about our future.

Recently the Washington Post did a story talking about the millions of Americans who are unemployed and behind on their rent and utilities as we head into the holidays. According to the story, there are 12 million Americans that owe at least $5,000 in back rent and utilities. Shelbie Selewski, who lives in Macomb County, here in Michigan was featured as one of the moms who are struggling to stay in their place and keep the lights on after she lost her job as a medical receptionist earlier this year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the Washington Post reported,

Shelbie Selewski is $2,100 behind on rent and utilities after losing her job as a medical receptionist in Macomb County, Mich. Her landlord has taped eviction papers to her door three times, and her electricity was shut off in September — on her son’s third day of virtual kindergarten. She begged friends and relatives for help to get the electricity back on, but bills are piling up again.


Selewski, 29, receives $200 a week in unemployment and recently sold the family’s TV and PlayStation 4 to prevent another utility shut-off. Her new baby was born with a collapsed lung, putting the infant at high risk during the pandemic. She and her fiance have not been able to find jobs.


That article, of Shelbie sharing her plight with the Washington Post, is actually what started the ball rolling for this #PeopleDoingGood story.

As MLive reports, one of the people who read the story was none other than Taylor Swift.  Yes, THAT Taylor Swift.

Taylor saw that Shelbie had started a GoFundMe account to try to help pay for rent and utilities, and had also said she'd be using whatever extra they raised to help pay for Christmas gifts for her kids. So Taylor, being moved by what she had read, decided to add her donation of $13,000 to the cause.

MLive says Taylor made the surprise donation publicly on Shelbie's GoFundMe campaign page and left the following message as well,

“Shelbie, I’m sending you this gift after reading about you in the Washington Post. No one should have to feel the kind of stress that’s been put on you. I hope you and your beautiful family have a great holiday season. Love, Taylor.”

How awesome is that? MLive says Taylor also made a $13,000 donation to the other mom, Nikki Cornwell of Nashville, that was mentioned in the Washington Post story. Taylor's donation helped put Shelbie's GoFundMe campaign to over $21,000.

This isn't the first time that Taylor Swift has been moved by something she has seen or read. She's donated $50,000 to a fan that was battling cancer, she saw a fan's Christmas light show - which said they were raising funds for a local food bank - so Taylor made a big donation to the food bank, among other cool acts of kindness.

Taylor Swift also made her fans excited when she announced she'd be dropping another album tonight (well, December 11th at Midnight), a follow-up album to 'folklore' called 'evermore'. This is her second album released this year, with 'folklore' just being released on July 24th.


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