If you've ever wanted to look like Taylor Swift from head to toe, now you can. While you can rock her look from the neck up via her CoverGirl-endorsed cosmetics, now you can snag Swift's shoes. She's teaming up with Keds to launch her own footwear line!

Swift's inked a three-year deal with Keds in an effort to redirect the brand. “I’ve been a fan of Keds for years, because they have two of my favorite elements of great style -- they’re classic and effortless. I remember wearing Keds as a little kid, while riding my bike around the farm. When I got older, I started wearing them again. There’s something cool about shoes that you can grow up with,” Swift told Women's Wear Daily.

The first released image of Swift's shoes are a pair of red (of course) Keds with white laces and the word "Red" emblazoned on the back of the heel. If you were hoping for more kitten-inspired flats, we may have to wait -- or look elsewhere -- but heck if this girl doesn't know how to sell records!

“I think they add something casual and cool to your look, and the new colors and patterns are so eclectic,” she added. “I love pairing them with vintage looks.” Indeed, the starlet has been dressing like a vintage pinup lately, from her high waistlines to crimson lips and cat eye shades. We can see her rocking them with her new signature shorts and striped, nautical-inspired tops! (Maybe it's the Conor Kennedy effect.)

The shoe line will be available Oct. 22 t coincide with the release of Swift's highly anticipated 'Red.' If you dig 'em, you can buy the limited edition kicks for $50.00 on keds.com, taylorswift.com, nordstrom.com and journeys.com.

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