Taylor Swift is getting ready to release her ‘Safe & Sound’ video on Monday, Feb. 13 (Swift’s lucky number!), and in order to get fans riled up for the clip’s debut, the songstress has released the shortest teaser we have ever encountered. MTV unveiled the sneak peek for Swift’s ‘Hunger Games’ song, and just like the track itself, the video seems to have a stark, gloomy, and pensive feel.

The clip opens with MTV VJ Sway introducing the ‘Safe & Sound’ video, which will premiere on MTV, VH1 and CMT on Monday night at 8PM EST (technically 7:54 PM EST, according to MTV). After the intro, a bright flash comes across the screen as Swift is pictured strolling through the woods as she sings the opening lines to ‘Safe & Sound.’ The video is an obvious reflection of the ‘Hunger Games’ setting and plot, which finds adolescents being used as pawns in a sick and twisted battle to the death.

Swift looks a bit lost as she wanders around the barren woods, wearing little-to- no makeup and donning a flowy white gown. She almost looks like a deserted angel in search of a loved one or some sign of life. A quick shot of Joy Williams and Jon Paul White (aka the Civil Wars) shows up, with the duo being illuminated in a fiery red light as White strums the guitar.

Stay tuned with PopCrush to watch the full-length video once it drops on Feb. 13! Also, head over to MTV.com after the video premieres to check out an exclusive chat with Swift about her ‘Hunger Games’ track.

Watch a Sneak Peek of Taylor Swift’s ‘Safe & Sound’ Video