Too Funny!  Taylor Swift undoubtedly is leading an unusual life because of her extreme talent and musical aspirations by sharing what she's been given with anyone who wants to be a part of her T-party

That means that she's missed out on being a part of a local school system, thus missing out on taking a few of the traditional educational field seeing the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.!

I was a fan of Taylor Swift before she performed at Van Andel Arena last month (a week ago!) and I'm even a bigger supporter after learning how respectful she is to all who either work with or follow her career.

 Taylor is easy to follow on Twitter and while she was in Grand Rapids she tweeted about the barrel pig that is hoisted above The B.O.B.'s parking lot across the street from the arena.  Last night, she was performing in D.C. and after the show Taylor grabbed a couple of her bandmates to go sightseeing. 

I loved her comment that was attached to the picture you see above:  "It was my first time seeing the Lincoln Memorial up close.  Missed the school trip in eighth grade 'cause I had a show ... Pretty magical."