Everyone's favorite local bridge is in the news again.  The 100th Street Overpass has been hit again.  For the 8th time this year.  A truck carrying a fabricated home got stuck underneath the bridge for a little less than an hour, causing a backup on SB 131.

The constant collisions of the 100th Street Overpass have spawned the creation of a satirical Facebook page that is just downright hilarious.

Why do people keep hitting this overpass?  WOODTV 8 did some research about why the overpass keeps getting hit, but the results were inconclusive.  The overpass was built in 1957 and had been hit only once in the last decade.  That is, until this year, where it's been hit 8 times.  No one quite knows what is causing all of the collisions, because the overpass is clearly labeled with a height sign.

The 100th Street Overpass is scheduled to be raised in 2020, but if they moved it up a year or two, that would probably be better.

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