There are currently two men in their 80's preparing to battle for this prestigious title.From the red corner, coming in at 80 years old, we have the Japanese man, Yuichiro Miura. He's climbing towards the top of Everest as we speak. Right through the "Death Zone", yikes man! Want to know the best part? He's trying to break his own record. He won the title originally, at age 70. Then again, five years later, but only to have it stolen away. The culprit; Min Bahadur Sherchan, a Nepal man, who's 1 year his senior. Min beat him out by arriving there ONE DAY earlier.

That darn Min is at it again. While Yuichiro is climbing to regain the title, his Nepal nemisis is prepping at a base camp, and plans on making his trek in a week.

So if all goes well, the honor of eldest Mt. Everest climber will still remain in the hands of the Nepal man, despite all valiant attempts by Mr. Miura. Keep up the good work fellas!