Traveling into space has been something many people have wanted to do for years. It's been a luxury that only astronauts have had until now.

The Gateway Foundation has released plans for a rotating space station that will operate with different modules, some of which will be used by governments sending astronauts into space, and some will be run as a hotel.

The Space station is planned to be fully operational by 2025 and the plan is to serve about 100 customers per week.

Now what exactly can you do during your week in space? Great question! The space station will be rotating, so you won't be in a full zero gravity environment, only partial gravity. Some of the announced activities include low gravity trampolining, rock climbing, and my favorite low gravity basketball! (At 5'6" this might be my only shot at dunking the ball!)

Even the folks at NASA are trying to get a jumpstart in the space tourism industry. NASA has plans to allow commercial astronauts on the International Space Station by the year 2020.

Forget Disney World, your next vacation might be out of this world!


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