Yesterday Curtis got a call from his daughter Hailey and she had a VERY important question about the Yahtzee rulebook.  Hailey was playing Yahtzee with her Grandmother and had already scratched out her Yahtzee scoring section because the game was coming to a close and she didn't think that she was going to score one before the game ended.  And just her luck, she rolled five 5's...  Now since she already had the Yahtzee section scratched off, would she be allowed to use the five 5's as a full house instead?  Technically it is three 5's and two 5's and that would make a full house.

The official rules of Yahtzee are a little bit grey about that situation and don't specifically explain what would happen in that instance.  After doing some research, I found a blog that seems to say that you can use a Yahtzee as a full house, but their explanation is a bit confusing as well.  So what do you think?