Christmas and the holidays in general is all about family coming together. This is time when advertisers try to get you feeling in holiday spirit and make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

German supermarket chain, EDEKA, wants to remind you to come home for the holidays and they went about it in a very depressing way.

In the video we see an old man sitting and eating by himself, throughout the years, at Christmastime because his family is too selfish and caught up in their own lives to spend Christmas with their Dad. Seriously, not even Christmas?!

The kids are then all seen at their jobs and in everyday life duties when they receive an invitation to their father's funeral. Full of regret, they return to their family home to pay their respects only to discover a happy surprise.

You don't know whether to be sad, angry or happy at this commercial -- or maybe all three.

Bottom line: don't be a selfish prick.