Google is the answer to everything! Whenever you have a question or need to know something really quick, you immediately go to Google. When's the next season of 'The Bachelor'? - Google. How do you poach an egg? - Google. What's 2 divided by 2? Well you probably wouldn't need to look that up but if you do.. it's right there on Google!

The real estate website, Estately, compiled the most googled questions, over 12 years, in America and with some fancy calculations found what question each state is googling more than the other ones.

It seems as if the West Coast is really considered with this year's political election. Unless Bernie Sanders is a vegan, it doesn't seem as if he's going to get the vote from CaliforniaWashington state is also asking about Bernie while Montana looks like they're prepared to move to Canada (assuming) Trump wins. What about Ted Cruz? Can he really be the zodiac killer?!

Texas is so big they can't seem to find the internet and poor South Dakotan's... they can't figure out why their poop is green. The people from the great state of Florida don't understand why everyone hates them. It's because you're crazy!

But if you're wondering what we here, in Michigan, are googling... apparently we're very concerned about Mr. T. Is he dead? (He's alive, by the way). Another thing we ask google is "Where is Canada?" WHAT?! RIGHT ABOVE US! We're Michganders! We celebrated in Windsor when we turned 19. How don't we know where Canada is?!

Other questions Michiganders googled:

  • Is Trump presidential?
  • What's the weather today? (fair enough, considering MI is unpredictable)
  • What causes depression? (most go hand-in-hand with the weather question)
  • How much caffeine is too much?
  • When is Lent?
  • Who is Muhammad?
  • How to be a good girlfriend? (is the internet a really good place to ask that question...)
  • Who is Ron Paul?

You can see the full list of questions each state has googled the most here.

My favorite question has to be from Colorado... They apparently got so high they still can't find Waldo.

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