What is your favorite Christmas candy?  The released their list of the top three most popular Christmas candies for each state.

People spend almost $2 billion dollars on candy during the Christmas season.  Michigan has a very interesting most popular candy.  In fact, it might even be Michigan's favorite Halloween candy as well!  It's Reindeer Corn, which is red, white, and green candy corn.  Number two on the list for Michigan is ET's favorite, Reese's Pieces.  And finally, the third most popular Christmas candy is yummy yummy M&Ms!

A few of the more interesting things to note about Christmas candies are:

  • Southern states are obsessed with Pez candy around the holidays.
  • People in Nevada, California, and Kansas love Peppermint Bark.
  • And the only state with a unique candy preference is North Dakota and their love for Chocolate Santas.

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