DTE is warning customers of a new, craft phone scam that looks like DTE is actually calling.

DTE told WXYZ in Detroit that scammers are now using systems that actually display DTE Energy for the caller ID AND when you call back, they now have recordings just like the real DTE customer service line.

The difference, the scammers demand payment in Bitcoin – which you think would be a huge red flag to most people, but because the caller id says DTE, people are freaking and trying to pay.  The other flag is when they require you to use Western Union or the Green Dot credit cards.  ALL RED FLAGS!!

DTE also told WXYZ a few other things to know, so you know when you’re getting scammed, such as:

  • Someone asks for your DTE account number – DTE Energy does not ask customers to provide their account numbers. Customers will be asked to validate account information such as the billing zip code, or last four digits of their SSN before discussing account details.

  • Bullying – DTE says alarm bells should ring when someone calls and says a crew is on the way to shut off service unless there's an immediate payment. The more aggressive the caller, the more skeptical customers should be.

  • Demanding a specific form of payment – DTE does not ask for a specific form of payment. It provides a variety of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and more.

They also say that if you’re on the phone, you can ask the person who’s “from DTE” to tell you YOUR account number, they should know if they call you.  And if they come to the door, DTE workers will have a DTE badge that they have to show you when asked.

You should also know DTE and most other companies out there for that matter, don’t’ show up at your door ready to pay you a refund.  That’s not how the world works, Cheryl.

If you think you’re getting scammed, call the police or you can call DTE Corporate Security to safeguard your account at 313-235-9113, according to WXYZ.

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