The other day I was asking “where’s a good place to look at the sky?”, not because I’m crazy, BUT because you could see the Northern Lights, and I didn’t know where to go where it’s actually dark enough to enjoy.

Low and behold, MLiveapparently heard my questions and actually posted a story about Headlands International Dark Sky Park at the top of the mitten, along the Mackinac Straits.  Now obviously, for just a quick Tuesday night of watching shooting stars or Northern Lights, it’s a long drive; but if you knew of a cool celestial event coming around, this would be the perfect trip and spot.

According to the MLive story, the park limits light pollution (so not even your cell phone flashlight is allowed) and while they don’t allow camping, they encourage you to bring chairs, sleeping bags, coolers all the stuff you need to sit up all night and enjoy space!

Just looking at these pictures from their Insta account makes me want to take a trip this weekend to stargaze.

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