Sunday was National Wife Appreciation Day, so we wanted to show our spouses how much we love them.  What better way to express our love than slapping them on the butt and telling them to make me a sandwich?

The idea came about in typical Connie and Fish fashion, by taking what would be considered normal, and doing just the opposite.  So, we were each tasked with smacking our spouse on the butt and telling them to make us a sandwich.  Here's how it went.

So, let's recap.  Connie got denied a sandwich by Dan, Steve got a sandwich made with chips and strawberries on the side, and Fish's wife was never in the kitchen because they were at a friend's wedding all weekend.  Oh, and then Steve asked baby Charlotte for a sandwich too, but she quickly said no.

What would your spouse say if you smacked them on the butt and told them to make you a sandwich?