Tiana Carruthers will appear on The Steve Harvey Show today. The Kalamazoo shooting survivor is being honored as one of "Harvey's Heroes", WWMT 3 reports.

Carruthers was shot multiple times trying to protect children playing outside an apartment complex during the February 20 shooting spree.

The episode airs at 3p.m. You can watch a portion of the segment below.

Carruthers says,

"I don't hate this man and I feel like I should. Every day, I feel like I should, because I look at my body -- I look at my body -- I can't move, I can't do anything."

Harvey responds,

"The reason you can't hate him is because of the God that's in you. That's why you can't. He's got a plan for you. Them four kids that you were babysitting are living because of you. The rest of the kids in the parking lot that you told them to run and not come back, they're living because of you."

According to the show's website, to honor Carruther's heroism, Harvey also has a special gift for Tiana.

To support Tiana Carruthers visit her GoFundMe page.