In the latest random poll that I stumbled across, the National Retail Federation polled many retailers about shoplifting. 96% of them have been a victim of organized retail crime, or what some would call shoplifting with the intention of selling the stolen goods. These criminals typically sell the stolen goods at flea markets or pawn shops. In a even more ballsy move, they may also try to return the stolen goods to the store for a refund on something they did not buy. Here are the top 20 most shoplifted items:

1. Diabetic testing strips
2. High-end liquor
3. Laptop computers
4. Cigarettes
5. Infant formula
6. Denim jeans
7. Digital cameras
8. Allergy medicine
9. Designer clothing
10. Handbags
11. Lotions and creams
12. Cell phones
13. LCD televisions and monitors
14. Kitchen Aid mixers
15. Pregnancy tests
16. Pain relievers
17. High-end vacuum cleaners
18. Energy drinks
19. Weight loss pills
20. Electric toothbrushes and replacement heads

I wonder what the items would look like here in West Michigan. Would they be the same or would it be something different? Who knows, all I know is that I'm perfectly fine with going without, then risking going to jail.