I've said it before ... "I'm hooked' on the latest musically-based reality show, The Voice.

Last night, the first four contestants were cut in one of four rounds.  That means that of the original 32 singers each of the coaches chose to be a part of their teams -- only half or 16 will survive.  From there, I have no idea where this fresh, new reality show will twist and turn.  What I like so far is that it hasn't been predictable.

Last night, each of the coaches personally selected two people from their respective talent pools to compete for one slot!  Talk about hard decisions!  I thought each coach had a tough call to make, but each coach did have a 'friend' from the business to help during the whole process.  For example, Blake Shelton invited Reba McEntire to help him decide.

Who made it?  Christina Aguilera chose former American Idoler Frenchie Davis over TarralynAdam Levine picked Casey over TimCee-Lo pointed to his heart and said he felt Vicci's passion over Niki.  However, I overheard him tell Niki that she should call him so he could help launch her career!!  Finally, after both Adam and Cee-Lo pegged Tyler as the talent he should go with ... Blake did the opposite and kept Patrick over Tyler!

Great stuff and you can watch the full episode by clicking here.