Though they insist they aren't really a boy band because they don't dance, the Wanted brought their talents to 'Dancing With the Stars' this week. The boys performed their latest single, 'I Found You' -- and they even danced a little bit (we see you, Nathan Sykes!).

The group's performance, similar to their set at the 2012 American Music Awards, opened atop a staircase. Sykes, as usual, took the lead in the first verse, and the band descended the steps gradually following the first chorus. The audience shrieked like maniacs when Tom Parker began singing his solo in the second verse. The screams came back when Max George had his second solo. What, no love for Nathan, Jay McGuiness or Siva Kaneswaran? Are these people blind?

The Wanted threw a curve ball to fans, mashing up 'I Found You' with 'Glad You Came,' their monster first single. Flanked by professional, scantily clad dancers, the performances captured the club vibes the band are famous for.

A dance floor is actually a familiar place for one particular member of the Wanted. Jay McGuiness has plenty of experience with dance. You can watch him tap dancing and busting some serious modern moves below!

Watch Jay McGuiness of the Wanted Dancing

Watch Jay McGuiness of the Wanted Tap Dancing

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