Today we asked people what the worst city you've ever visited was and we got a ton of responses.  We took the responses and put it into a massive supercomputer the size of a laptop and used advanced algorithms and data hashing techniques to determine the worst cities in America. (Actually, we just talleyed the most popular responses, but that previous explanation sounded way cooler.)

Below, you will find the list of the worst cities in America, along with some of the explanations on why these cities suck.  Keep in mind, these are your comments and your list of the worst cities in America.

  1. Gary, Indiana
    1. Gary Indiana is the worst city I've ever been to. I have family in Chicago and drove there and had to pass through Gary every time. That place is nothing but old cesspools. There are a bunch of factories old and working.during the day the fumes and flames from the factory are always constantly in the air and it looks like the fires from Mount Mordor from The Lord of the rings as soon as you get close to Gary you can smell it. Their slogan should be Gary Indiana the city of fumes and disappointment.
    2. #TQOTD worst city I visited was Gary, Indiana. Our Garmin took us downtown on our trip to Louisville. You know you're in a shady neighborhood when the gas pumps have padlocks on them and you have to walk in to prepay in a gas station that smells of Act10.
    3. Gary IN. SMELLY!!!
    4. Gary Indiana.  Stopped at McDonald's and got hair in all of my food.
    5. The worst city is Gary, Indiana because it stinks when driving thru there.
    6. We had to go to Chicago and there is bad construction so we detoured and ended up going to Gary Indiana that is terrible besides the smell it looks like a 3rd world country and at 1 point we saw a lady doll outside of a story with a 5 we still don't know what the 5 got you the doll or entry
  2. Columbus, Ohio
    1. Columbus, OH I had to stay there for a weekend to help a friend discover if he wanted to live there...everyone there looks like they could star in “The Hills Have Eyes”...missing teeth, googley eyes, funky skin conditions...even the gay guys...whaaaaaat?!
    2. Columbus. No explanation needed
    3. Any City in Ohio. Because it's Ohio.
    4. The only good things from Ohio are Cedar point Smuckers and my wife
    5. I'm from Ohio born and raised so I'm here to tell you from experience that all cities in Ohio sucks!!!
  3. Chicago, Illinois
    1. I'd have to say the worst city I've visited would be Chicago!! Those people will not pay attention to anyone else but themselves. They will cut you off, walk out in front of your car without looking and drive to fast with all the traffic. But it is a nice place to see!!!
    2. Chicago. Do I need to explain? Construction construction.
    3. Worse city ever for me was Chicago. Most arrogant a-hole drivers. We were there for a family trip with our kids. We stopped at a light to turn left and pulled forward so when the light turned red we could go. As we tried to turn we got cut off by a big SUV. We proceeded through and then they cut us off again as they merged into the left alone at the next light and as they did it they yelled out A-hole. At that point, I had enough and yelled out the window thanks for being nice to tourists you A-hole. They quick pulled through the light and proceeded to park. I told the girlfriend oh great now they want to fight me. We proceeded through the turn and they quickly whipped out behind me and then we saw flashing lights. They were frogging municipal police and proceeded to intimidate me with my family in the car. After that, I said frog this city let's go home
    4. Chicago. The city smelled like pee, no one smiles and it's SO expensive
  4. Toledo, Ohio
    1. Fish hates it and got some hairy fast food while he was there.
    2. I have to agree with fish Toledo was awful I went there as a kid to go to the zoo and it was rude Deculus and one part of the town like you have gas stations with bars on the windows and you go a mile down the street headed be ritzy Hilton Hotels absolutely ridiculous I will never go there again unless I go to the zoo
  5. Cleveland, Ohio
    1. CLEVELAND, OH! I was with someone that lived there for a few years, and even with them bringing us to the "best" places it just seemed dirty and boring. Not to mention every service industry person we came in contact with seemed like they hated their jobs and were rude. Cleveland does NOT rock...
  6. Sandusky, Ohio
    1. Text ? Of the day: All of the city's in Ohio. I can't pick just one. Ohio is the toilet bowl of the United States if you have ever been to any of the city's in Ohio you know what I'm talking about!! Especially Toledo, Sandusky, Cleveland, and Columbus.
  7. Grand Rapids, Michigan
    1. Moved here from Colorado a couple of months ago, and I would have to say Grand Rapids is the worst place I visited. During the winter the only thing to do is to eat and drink.
    2. Am I allowed to say GR is the worst city I've ever been to? Lmao!! I'm not from here...I did 11 years in the military and have traveled the world. I moved here 4 years ago and made the decision to leave this year. I've met several great friends and friends who are now family. But it took us (me and Hubs) two years to make friends, it's more expensive to live here, the weather sucks, and the weather really sucks.
  8. Seattle, Washington
    1. #TQOTD The worst city I ever visited was Seattle. I don't understand why the frog a flight from Tampa, FL to Grand Rapids made a freaking connection in Seattle, but it was miserable. The plane from Tampa was late, which means we had to sit in Seattle for like three hours for the next flight out to Grand Rapids. I was coming back from a last minute, 48-hour trip to say goodbye to my dying great grandmother and I just wanted to go home.
    2. I would say the worst place is Seattle, Washington does it ever stop raining there wow it was great to go to Omaha Nebraska good ole old market great food and shopping
  9. Los Angeles, California
    1. L.A. Lackluster, grungy, WAY TOO much hype and terrible traffic
    2. LA was cool but it will forever be held in contempt in my mind because I suddenly became so horribly ill, had no idea why until later when we went up into the mountains and I looked back only to see the cloud of smog. The smog made me so nauseous I literally felt like I was going to die
  10. Orlando, Florida
    1. Worst city... Orlando, FL.... we went on a cruise and Orlando was one of our overnight stops on our way to the ship. After 11 pm, we looked for a hotel for the night. One hotel we found was full so we left. As we left, a homeless guy chased us down the road for a while. We kept driving and the only hotel we could find was over $100 for us to be there about 6 hours total. No desire to ever go there again.
    2. Orlando......litter everywhere and people drive WAY too fast!!!!

So, as you can see, all of these explanations on why the cities are bad are very scientific.