UPDATE: I noticed Saturday afternoon that the original Facebook post which inspired the original story now says,


Such good news!!



In my daily perusing of social media feeds, I came across a post from Focus on Ferals that made me stop my scrolling and see if maybe I shared the post here, it might have a new outcome.

Focus on Ferals posted that yesterday, was Gumdrop's anniversary. As the post says, he came to the rescue on January 26, 2018, and has been looking to be adopted since then. Worse is they posted that they've shared Gumdrop's story a couple of times, but no one has been interested enough to adopt the fluffy ball of fur.  Just looking at his picture has me wishing I didn't have restrictions where I live because he just looks like he needs a lap to snuggle on and get some love. Actually, the post says he actually loves to be loved:

Gumdrop is a laid-back kitty who gets along with the other cats in his room, but would prefer a home without dogs. He loves lap time and snuggles, getting brushed, watching for birds and squirrels, jumping for wand toys, & chasing the laser pointer.

Focus on Ferals post also tells how Gumdrop is a volunteer favorite - which is always an extra endorsement on why he needs to finally find his forever home.  There is one small thing, he is FIV positive, but that doesn't mean he's going to not live a long life, nor does it mean he can't live with another cat that isn't FIV+.  There are a few extra things to keep an eye on, but once Gumdrop has your heart, I don't think you'll find it to be too much.  As a matter of fact, go HERE and see how easy it really is to take care of an FIV+ cat.  Can you tell I really want to see Gumdrop find a home??



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